Looking For A Network That Champions Ethical & Entrepreneurial IFAs?

12th November, 2021

Looking For A Network That Champions Ethical & Entrepreneurial IFAs?

Are you an international advisor that’s committed to ethical advising? Maybe you have a growing number of expatriate clients who prioritise investing ethically? Worried that your current firm or network might not be fully committed to phasing out unethical practices? Looking for the freedom and flexibility to grow your business in the direction you choose?

At Lawsons Network:

  • Our business model is designed to ensure you’re able to deliver ethical financial advice that’s suited to your client, based on their risk tolerance profile and investment goals
  • We’re known for our extensive portfolios of ESG funds, which means we’re a great home for IFAs with clients who want to invest sustainably and ethically
  • We’re an international brand that’s committed to leveraging the latest technology to streamline processes – giving you the flexibility to grow your business in the direction of your choice

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The support to prioritise client needs

Delivering ethical investment advice
At Lawsons Network, we give you the tools and the support to ensure you deliver ethical investment advice – and always act in the best interests of your clients. We’re able to do this effectively for the following reasons:

  • High quality centralised support – our experienced team have been working in the international wealth management market for decades and give you exactly the support you need to focus on client interests
  • Standardised risk profiling – Integrated into our transformational cloud-based systems, our profiling means we’re able to guarantee that you’ll recommend suitable investments for your clients
  • Commitment to recruiting qualified financial advisors who share our values – those who help their clients make the right decision for the right reasons

Access to a multitude of sustainable investment options

A growing number of international clients are on the hunt for sustainable investment opportunities. In response, we’ve developed extensive portfolios that encompass ESG (environmental, social and governance) funds as well as Shariah-compliant investments – a range of ethical funds that comply with Islamic law.

Access a wide range of sustainable and ethical investment options

When you join Lawsons Network, you’ll access these products at preferential terms, thanks to the relationships with product providers we’ve established during decades in the international wealth management sector.

As a result, we give you the tools to recommend ethical funds that match your clients’ objectives and approach to risk – helping to secure their financial future with an investment that delivers sustainably for the long term.

The freedom to grow your business

Finally, we’re the natural home for IFA entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional firms or networks that impose geographical limitations, we’re a truly international brand with an approach to match.

Lawsons Network are an international brand with a global approach

Not only do we deliver regulatory infrastructure, thanks to our affiliation with Organisme de Surveillance pour Intermédiares Financiers & Trustees (SO-FIT) in Switzerland and our SCA licence in the UAE (provided through partnership). We also invest in cutting-edge technology, which means you’ll move away from legacy administration processes.

Streamlining every aspect of your business, our transformational cloud-based multicurrency system includes integrated submission checking process, CRM, integrated AML and PEP checking, regulatory checks, research tools and personalised client reporting. As a result, you’re able to write, submit and complete business in unrivalled timelines.

Finally, you won’t find company politics or inflexible attitudes. Everyone at Lawsons Network is determined to help you grow and develop your business in the way you choose.

Want to know more about Lawsons Network? Our expert team would love to answer your questions.

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