The CRM For Wealth Management: How Lawsons Are Redefining The Industry

19th October, 2023

The CRM For Wealth Management: How Lawsons Are Redefining The Industry

In just a short span of time, Lawsons Network has made significant strides in the wealth management industry. The challenges of the pandemic only strengthened our resolve to excel. The uncertainties ushered in by the global situation were viewed by us as catalysts, pushing us to intensify our commitment to exceptional service underpinned by advanced technology. Central to our adaptability has been our focus on the integration of the best CRM for wealth management. This dedication was recognized and showcased in a recent case study by Futureform and Salesforce, emphasising our rapid adaptation and forward-thinking strategies.

Supporting Our Vision With The Best CRM For Wealth Management

As an esteemed international Wealth Management firm, what gives us an edge is our relentless pursuit of technological innovation. Our plug-in-and-go model designed especially for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) ensures that we stand beside them as allies rather than mere service providers. Recognizing our global footprint, there arose an imminent need for a CRM platform that’s global, secure, intuitive, and bespoke for IFAs.

Our Collaboration with Salesforce and Futureform: The Game Changer

Jennifer Toon-Davenport, our Membership and Acquisition Director, aptly highlighted how the pandemic brought about a paradigm shift, emphasising the need for robust systems. Jennifer’s role in the company ensures members’ smooth integration and ongoing support, aiding them in achieving their goals, expanding their teams, and forging effective collaborations for growth. Sarah Oglesby, our Onboarding Director and tech maestro, pinpointed our need for a multi-currency CRM essential for our worldwide operations. 

This collective vision steered us toward Salesforce and Futureform as the best CRM for wealth management needs. By integrating Futureform’s Wealth Management template, we supercharged our operations, achieving a staggering 70% boost in efficiency. This is a clear reflection of the power of Salesforce’s sturdy platform complemented by Futureform’s precision.

The Real-World Benefits

Our partnership with Salesforce and Futureform has manifested in tangible advantages:

  • Swift IFA Onboarding: Under Sarah’s guidance, IFAs can now be inducted in just three sessions, an astounding seven times faster than industry standards. She ensures that members are adept at leveraging our top-notch technology through training sessions covering various aspects, from onboarding to business submission.
  • Prompt Payment Mechanism: Our associates receive their remunerations within a mere 48 hours, setting a new industry benchmark.
  • Seamless Integration of Key Tools: Integrating tools like DocuSign and Ortec Finance’s Opal amplifies our automation capabilities and adaptability, ensuring effortless compliance and offering customised investment strategies.
  • Enhanced Member Experience: With a custom client portal, a revamped dashboard, and an integrated knowledge repository, we offer an unmatched user experience.

The Essence of Partnership: Our Bond with Futureform

Our collaboration with Futureform is not just a business alliance; it’s a partnership rooted in mutual respect, expertise, and shared goals. They bring to the table an unparalleled mix of technological acumen and deep industry insights. Together, we’ve witnessed an impressive 23% quarterly growth, an undeniable testament to the significance of our collaboration.

The Path Forward: The Future Beckons

Our story is a testimony to the magic that happens when vision meets the right partnerships. Being featured by Sarah Oglesby, our Onboarding Director and one of our key leaders, as a panellist at the esteemed Wealth and Asset Management dinner, further solidifies our rising prominence in the realm of wealth management.

As we look to the horizon, we are filled with optimism. With Futureform by our side, we’re geared up for more groundbreaking innovations. A heartfelt thank you to our patrons and well-wishers. For those eager to be part of our exciting journey, stay updated through our posts on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. The future is filled with endless possibilities, and we’re just getting started.

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