Cresilda Bailey, Administrator Extraordinaire

4th May, 2023

Cresilda Bailey, Administrator Extraordinaire

Meet Cresilda! With extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge gained over 12 years in international finance, our Head of Admin is, quite simply, incredible.

Cresilda Bailey and her brilliant team are responsible for streamlining the business submission and TOA process – which not only makes life easier for members but ensures they enjoy super quick pay aways. How does she do it?! We caught up with Cresilda to find out.

As Head of Administration, Cresilda plays a pivotal role in the exceptional support we deliver to members

Lawsons Wealth provide exceptional support to our members

Processing new business applications. Monitoring the new business pipeline. Issuing business. Processing TOAs and adviser fees. Submitting letters of authority. Training and supporting new admin team members.

While by no means exhaustive, the list above gives you an idea of the scope of Cresilda’s role as Head of Administration. How does she keep on top of everything?

“Following the correct process is crucial – and our game-changing technology makes things simple,” explains Cresilda. “For transfers of agency, everything is done through our CRM – this makes life easier for members, as they can automate and pre-populate documents and send them to their clients directly via the CRM for us to send to providers.”

And it’s a similar picture when it comes to ensuring that we maintain our reputation for paying members swiftly: “Operations Director Stephanie Etslick provides fantastic support – and we’re proactive when it comes to submitting business to providers. Plus, we follow a defined compliance process on our CRM, which gives everyone confidence that applications meet provider requirements – after all, time is money and wasted time is wasted money.” (Check out our interview with Stephanie here.)

Cresilda was drawn to our majority-female team – and her admin team reflects our commitment to recruiting talented women

Lawsons Network is commitment to recruiting talented women

What does Cresilda believe differentiates Lawsons from other networks? “Lawsons Network is a female-led company and one that’s looking for ways to embrace a diverse workplace,” she enthuses. “As someone from an Asian background, that’s incredibly important to me – and something that helps create new ideas and new experiences in the financial services industry.”

Cresilda joined Lawsons back in February 2022 and was promoted to Head of Administration in December – and she’s made an incredible impact already. “I don’t do it alone though,” she explains. “I’m fortunate to have an amazing team to help deliver the exceptional member support that Lawsons is known for.”

Itzraeli Ocaranza and Rona Ysais

Does anyone in particular stand out? “Rona Ysais has extensive experience with firms within the industry, while Itzraeli Ocaranza ’s Latin America connections have proved hugely valuable – but the whole team is incredibly dedicated and committed to working collaboratively to deliver the best results.”

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Find out more about opportunities at Lawsons Network

With roles in leading financial organisations in the UAE and the UK, Cresilda was always on the lookout for new opportunities: “So when Jennifer (Toon-Davenport – our Membership Acquisition Director) told me about the opportunity to work in admin at a new network, I was excited to join.”

And she hasn’t been disappointed: “Lawsons have a vision and focus on innovation – it’s amazing that we’ve already won the Pan Finance Award. I’m very proud of the network and excited to see what’s next in store!”

Want a confidential chat about joining Lawsons Network? Get in touch with Jennifer, our Membership Acquisition Director. (We interviewed her recently, too.) She recruited Cresilda and she’s always available for an off-the-record conversation about opportunities at Lawsons Network whether you’re an IFA looking for a network that supports you to grow in the direction of your choice or an administrator on the hunt for a new challenge.

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