Network or Lone Wolf? 5 Benefits of Joining An IFA Community

22nd November, 2022

Network or Lone Wolf? 5 Benefits of Joining An IFA Community

As human beings, forming tribes is a fundamental part of our genetic makeup. When we combine forces, not only do we increase our power; we boost our happiness through bonding with others. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that in business as well as in our personal lives, we’re increasingly attune to the benefits of being part of a community.

Are you someone who relishes the freedom of being at the driving seat of your own international IFA business yet feels stymied by the prohibitive expense of the latest software? Is the administrative burden of keeping pace with ever-shifting regulatory requirements eating into time you’d rather spend boosting client outcomes? Ever found yourself longing to bounce ideas off peers who understand your challenges and goals – or for proprietary access to the best new products on the market?

From increasing productivity to improving mental health and boosting client outcomes, we explore some of the benefits of being part of an IFA network.

1. The sharing of resources

Share ideas, resources and contacts in the industry-leading Lawsons Network IFA Hub

In the fast-moving international wealth management space, there’s constant pressure to be at the top of your game – to impress current HNW clients, to attract new business and to retain the best team members.

How do you achieve this in practice? For starters, you need industry insight at your fingertips, not to mention contacts that provide access to the latest products making waves on the international market. And as a lone wolf operation, this can be hard to maintain.
What’s more, resource sharing should filter down into easing the day-to-day grind of running an IFA business – for example, through having instant access to email, letter and contract templates to speed up and simplify the business-writing process.

At Lawsons Network, we give you all this and more. From our industry-leading IFA Hub to the decades we’ve spent at the forefront of the international wealth management sector, we share ideas, resources and contacts to help your business thrive.

2. The freedom to spread your wings

Expand your business with the experience of the Lawsons Network team behind the scenes

Already established your brand identity with clients and made a name for yourself in the international wealth management sector? Joining a network doesn’t mean relinquishing control. As well as a consultant option, many networks – ours included – offer the opportunity to join as an appointed representative.

As a result, you have the flexibility to grow your business in any way you choose without the headache that comes from organising regulation – more on that below.

And as an extra bonus, you benefit from the experience of the team behind the scenes. At Lawsons Network, we understand exactly what’s involved in running a top-performing IFA business; and we’re committed to helping yours become one of the best.

In simple terms, far from losing control, joining a network like ours gives you the freedom to expand your business in any way you choose – with the tailored support of an expert team who’s committed to your success.

3. No more regulation-induced headaches

Avoid the headaches caused by licensing and regulatory requirements while remaining fully compliant

There’s no getting around the fact that compliance is a burden for international IFAs, especially in today’s ever-shifting financial landscape. And if you’re a lone wolf, you may find yourself having to spend hours of time and business resources ensuring that you’re compliant.

One of the greatest benefits of joining an IFA network is that they’ll take care of all licensing and regulatory requirements. And when it’s been permanently removed from your to-do list, you’ll find yourself with the time and the energy to deliver an enhanced client service.

We’re affiliated to SO-FIT in Switzerland and licensed and regulated by SCA in UAE through partnership. As a result, we give you a compliant platform to operate in numerous jurisdictions around the globe without having to organise it yourself.

4. Streamline processes to boost productivity

Access to our cloud-based technology can streamline processes and boost your productivity

The pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way that businesses and consumers approach life and work – leaving lone wolf IFAs with a conundrum: fail to invest in the latest cloud-based technology and risk being left behind; yet rising costs make this software ever-more-difficult to afford.

Join a community to overcome this challenge. As a member of Lawsons Network, you’ll enjoy access to best-in-class technology – our transformational cloud-based multicurrency system makes it easy to do business and empowers you to forge connections with your international clients for the long term, no matter where they’re based. Covering every element of the client journey, our technology enables you to write, submit and complete business in record timelines, streamlining processes and boosting your productivity.

5. Inspiration and opportunity

Connect with more people as part of the Lawsons Network IFA community

By becoming a member of a community such as an IFA network, one obvious result is that you’re increasing the number of people who you’ll connect with – giving you exposure to the ideas and opinions of others, which means both inspiration and opportunity, not to mention the mental boost that comes from making personal connections.

Lawsons is a fast-growing network with a reputation for securing terms with new and diverse product providers – which means we give both you and your clients access to an ever-widening range of opportunities. What’s more, we run regular webinars and training opportunities in collaboration with our providers, so you’re able to build personal relationships that last for the long term.

Find out why growing number of lone wolf IFAs are joining Lawsons Network

As the head of an international IFA firm, do you feel as though you’re constantly battling for ways to boost outcomes for your clients and business? From maintaining regulatory compliance to sourcing technology to streamline processes, there are myriad challenges to overcome and difficult choices to make – with economic turbulence and rising costs adding an additional layer of complexity.

Organisations across every sector are rejecting lone wolf status in favour of networks – and those in international wealth management are no exception. To find out more about the benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of Lawsons Network, get in touch with a member of our team.

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